Potato Sustainability Alliance

Simplot is a founding member of the Potato Sustainability Alliance

The Potato Sustainability Alliance (PSA) is a group of potato processors, distributors, major restaurant chains and more than 600 growers, working together to grow, process and serve potatoes more sustainably. PSA’s Sustainability Assessment Tool provides a framework for measuring greenhouse gas emissions, irrigation efficiency, water quality, soil health, integrated pest management and farmer prosperity.

animal feed

Our frozen food products radically reduce food waste

Up to 60% of fresh produce goes to the landfill as trim, the unwanted or inedible parts removed during kitchen prep. In addition to reducing spoilage, Simplot’s frozen food products reduce this waste significantly by removing trim during processing before it goes to kitchens, then redirecting much of it to animal feed and compost. Our goal is to eliminate all landfilled waste from our food processing plants by 2030.

highbay freezers

High bay freezers save energy and emissions

Simplot recently added fully automated High Bay Freezers at three of our potato processing plants in the U.S. and Canada. These 12-story-high, state-of-the-art storage facilities maintain our products at a frosty -5℉ while each saving 6.5 million kilowatt-hours annually—enough energy to power 545 average homes for a year. They also help us consolidate our storage network, reducing truck transportation between storages and the accompanying tailpipe emissions.


Helping growers understand sustainability impact

As a member of the Cool Farm Alliance, Simplot is helping to create science-based metrics and a digital platform that growers anywhere can use to understand and reduce their role in climate change.


Zero landfilling of avocado pits and peels

We don’t let the pits, peels and damaged or undersized fruit go to waste in the production our avocados products. Seventy-four percent are composted to recycle their nutrients into natural fertilizer. Another 24.5% are repurposed as biofuel in steel production. One percent is pressed into healthy avocado cooking oil. And 0.5% is refined as an ingredient in biodegradable plastic utensils. The amount we have to landfill? Zero.