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Quality. Variety. Versatility.

Starting with the invention of the first commercial french fry and continuing to this day, we deliver a
market-leading lineup of relevant options to elevate any menu and delight every customer.


With a twisted shape and bold, on-trend flavors you can build exciting menu items or feature a standout second fry.

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Megacrunch® fries

Big flavor, big crunch, big hold time. Get everything you want in a fry that opens up your kitchen to new possibilities.

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Infinity® fries

Meet the ultimate bakeable fry with bigtime plate coverage. Perfect for school, quick-turn, and high-volume operations.

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Simply GOLD® fries

Featuring a yellow-fleshed potato and oil, this simple fry is anything but. Offer a European-style, on-trend fry experience.

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Select Recipe® fries

With natural appeal, back-of-house flair, real sea salt and other natural ingredients, this is the chef’s fry.

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Traditional Tater Gems® potatoes

Pure perfection in a fun, crunchy shape with no fillers or binders. Available in regular or reduced sodium.

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SeasonedCrisp® fries

Serve the gluten-free fry that’s big on flavor, in a shape that offers superior plate coverage and customer delight.

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