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RoastWorks® Roasted Baby Bakers will be the talk of the table this season.  These miniature baby potatoes are roasted and seasoned for unmatched baked potato flavor and irresistible plate appeal.  Baby Bakers are easy to use and offer endless variety to reinvent your menu.

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Amazing versatility

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, expand any part of your menu with exciting recipes featuring delicious RoastWorks® flavors.

On-trend ingredients

Roasted, frozen and lightly coated with olive oil and roasted garlic and black pepper seasoning.


Roasted just right

Portionable and quick - just heat and serve across the menu. Retains heat and appearance under heat lamps or on a steam table or buffet.

RoastWorks® Roasted Baby Baker recipes

Vegan Eggs Benedict

Smash RoastWorks Roasted Baby Bakers and top with sauteed spinach, tofu and yellow curry.

Smashed Baby Bakers™

Drizzle cooked and smashed RoastWorks Baby Bakers with pesto sauce then top with ham and Cotija cheese. Garnish with parsley.

Italian Baby Bakers

Toss RoastWorks Roasted Baby Bakers with a savory blend of garlic, rosemary, oregano and sundried tomatoes.

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